LED 3D Moon Lamp Night Light - Rechargeable 16 Colour

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Emitting Color: 16 Colors
Color: 15cm
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Robert Phillips
Inexplicable poor design decisions

I bought this thinking it would be a nice bedside light for my child, but the design makes that impossible.

Firstly, it is designed to run on a battery, so you can’t really leave it plugged in and switched on overnight. But I found a USB wall adapter (because one isn’t provided) and tried that anyway. If you leave it plugged in and switched on, the lamp automatically switches to ‘demo mode’ after a couple of hours. So, after putting my child to bed, I come back later and find his room is flashing all the colours of the rainbow like a nightclub.

Maybe I could change the bulb to one less obnoxious? Nope! The unit glued shut.

Replacing the battery is also an impossibility for the same reason.

In summary - the lamp has the potential to be good, but inexplicable design decisions make it a poor product.

Hi Robert, thanks for the detailed review!

Ok, just want to clarify a couple of things here... So its clearly stated both in the title of the product and several times in the description that this is a rechargeable moon light - that means you charge it up, then use it. That also means its got a built in rechargeable battery that you don't replace. You don't need to replace it. Like your phone battery.
As for the unit being glued shut, I would hate to see one that's not! It would fall apart pretty quickly! You don't need to change the bulb, this is 2021 man! We use LED's!
As for it going into demo mode - this doesn't happen. All I can think is that your child used the remote or touched it (yes it has touch control) and changed it to that mode sneakily!
If you ask us its a great design! We love them, so do hundreds of our customers :-)

Mihir Purohit

Great product and awesome after sales service. 5 out of 5!

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